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Printing Ink

Titanioum Dioxide could enhance the opacity of inks while dispering in the medium. It also has fine resistance for light, heat, alkali, weather and hydrophobicity. So it espceially has excellent performance in high quality white inks. Titanium Dioxide is one of the most important raw materials in ink industry.



Relevant Product


- A-180

Brief Description:BERSILION® A-180 is the high-grade anatase titanium dioxide pigment produced by sulfuric acid method, with excellent whiteness, blue undertone consistency, color difference is small, brightness, high purity, high tinting power, low heavy metal.

- RC-70

Brief Description:BERSILION® RC-70 is alumina-zirconia surface treated rutile TiO2, is multipurpose pigment, is particularly recommended for industrial paint and inks solvent, high weatherability, high dispersion, the general product good hiding power.

- RC-90

Brief Description:BERSILION® RC-90 is high-grade rutile titanium dioxide treated with alumina-zirconia providing high gloss and durability in paint. RC-90 is particularly recommended for high quality, solvent and water-borne, decorative paints and industrial coatings such as car refinishes and electro deposition paints. RC-90 is also suitable for packing inks, color liquid and powder coatings.

- RC-92

Brief Description:BERSILION® RC-92 is an alumina-zirconia surface treated titanium dioxide pigment, manufactured using the sulfate process. It can provide fast and excellent dispersability, high opacity and high glossy. RC-92 is designed for use in oleiferous ink.