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Titanium Dioxide is widely used in plastics for its high hiding power, dispersability. It could improve plastics mechanical strength and resistance functions for heat, light and weather.



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- A-180

Brief Description:BERSILION® A-180 is the high-grade anatase titanium dioxide pigment produced by sulfuric acid method, with excellent whiteness, blue undertone consistency, color difference is small, brightness, high purity, high tinting power, low heavy metal.

- RP-30

Brief Description:BERSILION® R-P30 is alumina surface created hydrophobic rutile titanium dioxide produced bu sulfuric acid process. It combines good covering power, gloss, high tinting power. R-P30 is specially designed for color masterbatch, plastic industries for its low oil absorbtion, blue undertone and good dispersability.

- RP-35

Brief Description:BERSILION® R-P35 is an alumina surface created Tio2 specially designed in plastic industry. It provides fast and excellent brightness, blue undertone, high hiding power. As process by specially organic treatment, it has low absorbtion and excellent dispersibility in dry processing as well as in normally used liquid plasticizers. As are suit of its fine crystal and partied sizes. R-P35 has all round performance competitive with some Tio2 giant.

- RP-50

Brief Description:BERSILION®R-P50 is alumina-zirconia surface treated rutile Tio2. It combines outstanding outdoor durability with good optical properties. R-P50 is suitable for plastic which need excellent durability, specially in exterior rigid PVC applications.

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