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Nanjing Bersilion Industries Co., Ltd is a high-tech company, which is specialized in producing high quality Titanium Dioxide. Bersilion Industries is located in Nanjing, and have offices and warehouses in the main port cities, such as Suzhou, Ningbo and Shanghai etc.

To meet the demand of top grade titanium dioxide, Bersilion built strategic cooperation with many well-known international and domestic chemical engineering groups. Meanwhile, it introduces advanced manufacture technology from USA and Germany, and developed its own rutile and nano-scale titanium dioxide, which could compete with international top chemical producers. And Bersilion has realized large-scale of production for stable supply to its clients, the annual capacity is about 400,000 tons.

Bersilion’s product has characteristics of fine narrow particle size and distribution, completely solved the weakness of product produced by the sulfuric acid process, and the quality can reach the same level with that produced by chlorination process.

Bersilion’s rutile grade titanium dioxide is specially recommended for high-performance industrial paint, ink, plastic, polyurethane, paper etc. The nano-scale titanium dioxide is applicable for SCR denitration catalyst, oil bleaching catalyst and etc.

Bersilion will always be standing on the requirement of the market, studying the new technology of titanium dioxide production workmanship, providing best products and services to all its customers.

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